The origins of recycling at Origins

Origins is a huge game convention ("con") held annually at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.  We've attended every year since 1999.  In addition to enjoying the exhibits and activities, we've helped our friends from Looney Labs sell their wonderful games and operate their "Lab", a large room where people can try out their … Continue reading The origins of recycling at Origins

Don’t take out the trash!

Here's an idea for reducing your garbage output:  Don't take out the trash until the collection day. Store all of your trash inside your living space.  Is it taking up too much room?  That motivates you to throw away less stuff.  Does it stink?  That motivates you to think about better ways to dispose of … Continue reading Don’t take out the trash!

Things I Learned from My Mom

Mothers are people too. It's wonderful to be female. Speak up for what you believe. It's okay to be different from the natives. It's more important to have things that are enjoyable and useful than to be fashionable. Cooking is worthwhile. Plants are wonderful. Take a walk. The world is made up of interwoven stories.

The Evolution of an Environmentalist

No matter how strongly you feel you should do your part to save the planet, it can be difficult to change your lifestyle. We recommend a gradual approach: Do one new environmentally-friendly thing every few months. This gives you time to get used to each change and incorporate it into your daily life. As an example, here's a list of changes I've made in my own life.