I've done it again--suddenly thought of a word that nobody else ever used or, at least, that Google says nobody else has written on the Internet. Scientists will breed the grildebeest especially for barbecuing. This raises the deep moral question of whether it is very sad for the grildebeest or the grildebeest ought to be … Continue reading Grildebeest

Speedy Sushi and menu planning with a six-year-old

The obvious solution was to have Nicholas work with me on the menu plan. A side benefit is that he's more likely to eat meals he planned. I know that it usually works better to get him involved in what I want to do than to try to keep him occupied somehow so I can do it, yet sometimes assumptions like, "Children don't like to do that sort of thing," creep in and talk me out of even trying!

Ham Binge!

This is the fifth day in a row I've eaten the same lunch: a salad of lettuce, spinach, cheese, and ham. Wait a minute! HAM?! EnviroBecca is a pescatarian (eats no meat except occasional fish) for environmental and health reasons--ham should not be in her lunchbag, especially not five days in a row! Hang on. I … Continue reading Ham Binge!

High-Protein, Vegan Pasta Salad

After some experimentation, I developed this ***NEW!!!***IMPROVED!!!*** more nutritious Pasta Salad. Note that you can reserve some of the cooked pasta and veggies for the Original Recipe treatment and use the Improved Recipe on the rest, thus pleasing a variety of palates or just giving yourself some variety as you eat leftovers. Both versions of Pasta Salad are extremely versatile as to which vegetables you use, which makes this an ideal recipe for summer when your garden or farm-share crate is overflowing and you've got an array of random vegetables to use.

Red & Green Pockets

This recipe started from one in Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe, a book I highly recommend to anyone who's concerned that a vegetarian diet can't give them enough protein. She focuses on getting multiple sources of vegetarian protein into one meal, in this case peas, peanuts, whole wheat, and yogurt. My modification is more convenient but still delicious, with plenty of protein and vitamins. Our son has loved Red & Green Pockets since he was a toddler!