I’ve done it again–suddenly thought of a word that nobody else ever used or, at least, that Google says nobody else has written on the Internet.

Scientists will breed the grildebeest especially for barbecuing.

This raises the deep moral question of whether it is very sad for the grildebeest or the grildebeest ought to be happy to exist at all.

I bet the grildebeest won’t be a very deep thinker, though.

The word swam into my mind as I was contemplating a new name for the delicious veggie-burgers I had made from a recipe for Grilled Bean Burgers; it seems silly to call them that because we never grill them.  (Recently I overheard our six-year-old son solemnly telling someone, “We don’t grill in our family,” as if it were a moral or health-related stance, but it’s really just that we don’t own a grill and aren’t that interested.)  We’ve cooked different batches of them by frying in a pan or by baking in the oven, and they came out fine.  It seems silly to be putting the extra ones in a freezer bag labeled, “Grilled Bean Burgers” when they aren’t, in fact, grilled.  But we have to call them something to indicate which flavor they are among the various veggie-burger recipes we’ve tried….

8 thoughts on “Grildebeest

  1. If you can get a good deal on a George Foreman grill (i.e. used at a garage sale), they are really worth the cabinet space in my opinion. Even for making vegetarian items like cheesy walnut burgers or grilled cheese, you can cut back on the oil and still wind up with a perfectly grilled, um, item with minimal supervision. And of course there’s the energy efficiency argument.

    So are you calling grilled bean burgers grildebeens?

    • I can’t decide if grildebeen is the right name, or not. I’d like to come up with something a little more descriptive of the flavor, but I don’t quite know how to describe it, other than tasty…. I actually was surprised to look at the recipe again and realize it recommends serving the burgers with salsa; we’ve always done lettuce and tomato. They don’t taste specifically Mexican because the cumin and chili powder are combined with carrots, ketchup, and mustard.

      Is “the energy efficiency argument” comparing the George Foreman grill to a big outdoor grill, or to a stove?

      • Either one… both an outdoor grill and a stove heat a big area around what you’re cooking, and only the bottom side of what you’re cooking. The George Foreman grill (like a panini press) heats the food from both sides at once, and there’s no pan. It is a little tedious to wash, since it can’t be submerged. And it’s teflon coated, so if you object to teflon, it would be something you’d object to. But unlike every other teflon cookware I’ve used, I’ve never been tempted to use metal utensils on it, so the teflon remains intact and food never sticks. Just something to think about.

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