Lots of links!

Here are some links I’ve been meaning to put up:

These tiny houses are very efficient and cute.  They might give you ideas for better space management in a bigger home.

Here’s a place that will take your old polyester fleece for recycling.

Local Harvest tells you where to buy food grown in your area.

Time Magazine offers these ideas for helping the Earth.

Save Electricity and Enjoy Summer More–how to stay cool without air conditioning.

Tainted food from China is more common than you may have heard.  Don’t read this while eating or just before bedtime!

This place sells real handkerchiefs and has a nice selection.

Myths about plastic recycling, debunked.

Useful information about plastic food packaging.

I’m way behind on updating the feminine hygiene page, but here are two companies that make really great cloth pads: TLC Pads and Rhythm & Blues.