about my Girl Scout articles

I am posting some of the ideas that have worked out well for me as a Girl Scout leader, and some of the experiences I’ve had as a girl and as a leader, in hopes that they’ll be helpful to other Girl Scout leaders and perhaps to people who work with other children’s groups.  These are my personal opinions and experiences and do not represent the views of Girl Scouts USA, Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania, or any other official entity.

The Earthling’s Handbook includes articles on many topics other than Girl Scouts.  While I hope that people who visit this site looking for Girl Scout resources also will enjoy some of the other articles, they are not intended to connect with Girl Scouting directly and may include opinions and material that I would never discuss with my girls.

My Girl Scout resume: I became a Brownie in 1980, when I was seven years old, and continued in Scouts all the way through high school in Bluestem Council, now Girl Scouts Eastern Oklahoma.  As a Cadette and Senior Scout, I worked as a junior counselor at Spring Break Day Camp and Brownie Camporee, taught knife safety and first aid to Brownies, worked in the kitchen at Camp Wah-Shah-She, and served on the council’s Board of Directors.  I worked as a cook at Camp Wah-Shah-She one summer during college.

I started volunteering with Girl Scouts in the Pittsburgh area in 2002 and became an assistant Brownie leader in 2003, then a Junior leader in 2006.  I took a break from leadership in 2009 due to the demands of full-time work and mothering a young child, but I continue to volunteer at occasional Girl Scout events.

Which one is my daughter?  You don’t have to be the mother of a Girl Scout to be a Girl Scout leader!  I became a leader before I became a mother, and my only child is a boy.  (He was our troop mascot!)  Girl Scout leading is a great opportunity to “have girls” without having to give birth to them, as well as an opportunity to experience the fun of Girl Scouting again!