Outdoor Fun skit ideas

One of the requirements for the Outdoor Fun badge is to do skits demonstrating that you know the necessary skills for outdoor activities.  My experience in earning this particular badge as a Girl Scout, and in doing similar projects with my troop as a leader, indicated that girls tend to jump on the first ideas that come to mind, and this results in a bunch of repetitive, obvious, relatively dull skits…so I brainstormed in advance and had each patrol draw a few slips of paper that assigned them topics for their skits:

  • Show safety skills for roasting marshmallows over an outdoor campfire.
  • Explain at least three different ways to protect yourself from sunburn.
  • You are playing in a field when you find a nest of baby bunnies in the grass.  A Boy Scout troop is playing soccer in the same field.  Show how to protect the bunnies.
  • Show safety skills for taking a hike in the city.
  • You are hiking when one of the girls falls into water over her head, on a cold day.  How will you get her out and warm her up?
  • Show safety skills for taking a hike in a hilly forest with a creek.
  • Show what to do if you meet a strange dog who is not tied up or behind a fence.
  • Show how to plan for a picnic in the park.  Forget to bring an important thing, and show how that affects your picnic.

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