Have an Adventure in the Afterlife: Play Ka!

UPDATE: “Ka” now has its own page, including a walkthrough that will help you if you need hints.

I recently played the interactive fiction (text adventure) game written by my partner Daniel for the 7th Casual Gameplay Design Competition.  It’s called “Ka”.  It’s fun, and it’s doing well in the contest.  Check it out!

In this game, you are a recently deceased Egyptian pharaoh, awakening in your coffin with a scroll full of clues that will help you complete the tasks of the afterlife.  It has an intriguing, dreamlike mood and lots of puzzles that are relatively simple yet still puzzling.

I’m very inexperienced and out-of-practice with this type of game (and I rarely play computer games at all) so I had some trouble figuring out what words to use and how to approach the whole thing.  If you’re like me, expect this game to take at least two hours to play.  If you are an experienced interactive-fictionaut, it might go more quickly.

…or, if you have only a few minutes to spare, pay a visit to Double Cat!

2 thoughts on “Have an Adventure in the Afterlife: Play Ka!

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