“Ka” Walkthrough

Back in February, Daniel placed sixth in an interactive fiction game writing contest.  His game, “Ka”, has now been archived on the site, and the page includes a walkthrough, a series of hints that will help you get through the game.  Each hint is hidden under a “spoiler alert” until you click it.

This walkthrough is a wonderful thing to have if (like me!) you are not an experienced player of interactive fiction games and have trouble guessing the right words to use.  You have to get around with simply structured commands like, “Take scroll,” and “Go west,” but of course the computer does not understand every word you could possibly use, only the options included in the program.  The wording of the hints may help you reword your commands so that the computer understands them.  (This handy strategy guide on a postcard could be a great help, too, for any interactive fiction game.)

It’s also useful if you get stuck on one of the puzzles, by giving gradually less subtle hints that will help you figure out the solution.

Enjoy your adventure in the Egyptian afterlife!

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