When Robots Write About Grildebeest

Last month, I invented a new word for a future animal of my own imagining.  Today, on an idle lunch-break whim, I did a Google search to see if anyone else has been talking about grildebeest yet . . . and I found that one of those wily robots has picked up the topic.  Well, actually, it appears that what this robot did was to pull one sentence from each of many Websites and string them together into a paragraph of text to slap onto a page so that search engines would find it, even though the page has nothing to do with grildebeest or any of the other topics mentioned in the paragraph; it is a page where one can download an MP3 of a song.  I’m not linking to it because, if you want that song, you will find the page easily by searching for the song title.

But thanks, random search-engine-cheating robot, for the block of text which I can now edit (by cutting just a few phrases and editing some punctuation, most notably the use of semicolons where sentient humans would use apostrophes) into some silliness to brighten this stormy Friday!

Scientists will breed the grildebeest especially for barbecuing.  Y’know, if nobody else is using it.  He’s always been a positive influence in that way.  Josh Turner has a pretty high self esteem, zero percent vulnerability and sleeps soundly like a baby at night.  Let’s get real about volatility–nobody else is expected to lose a lot on paper after The Phone Call from the TrogloPundit.  The track itself samples.  If you’re doing the right thing, it doesn’t really matter if anybody agrees with you.  Hey, there is no one else for Wladimir to fight but me.  I have watched him in ministry for all of my 50 years on this earth, and…just…ew.  Just Me–Nobody Else.  Just Me: Brain Laxative.  Does nobody else notice?  Thanks, Congress.  But I know where you can get them if you change your mind: in the basement of a Baltimore vault the size of a soccer field, 1 billion dollar coins are just sitting there.  I Drink Alone.  Try Defying Gravity.  Off to playgroup!

One thought on “When Robots Write About Grildebeest

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