Words my three-year-old made up

Nicholas is six-and-a-half now, but I just found a post I made to a discussion board three years ago, answering the question, “Has your child invented any words?”  I’m glad to see it again because I had forgotten 3 out of 5 of these!

Pretendstructions.  When Nicholas gets tired of his parents knowing all the rules of a game or appliance, he says, “I’ll look it up in the pretendstructions.”  He opens an invisible brochure which seems to be folded in a complicated way.  He frowns at it for a moment and then says, “The pretendstructions say we have to [do what I want to do].”

He recently informed me that our refrigerator does not like to be called “fridge” for short; it likes to be called “rator“.

Snogger is that stuff that comes out of your nose.

Trystal yeast=nutritional yeast.

Jeffles are some things we could have for dinner.  We would go to the forest and hike up the mountain and cut off the jeffles with our knives and put them in a sack, and then we would slice up the jeffles and cook them in maple syrup and put trystal yeast on them.  They are very nutritious.

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5 thoughts on “Words my three-year-old made up

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