Electric Kettle

I love hot drinks.  In addition to my dependence on coffee or caffeinated tea, I drink hot chocolate or herbal tea regularly in cold weather to warm me up--and I sometimes need that even in the hottest weather when my office building's management chooses absurd air-conditioner settings!  I'm also a big fan of quick oats … Continue reading Electric Kettle

Grilled Cheese Worth 14 Years of Gratitude!

First the recipe, then the story. To make one delightfully delectable grilled-cheese sandwich, you will need: 2 slices of bread your favorite cheese, in slices about 1/4" thick, enough to cover one slice of bread about 1 Tbsp. marinara sauce (or use jarred sauce) about 1 tsp. yellow mustard plenty of butter a good frying … Continue reading Grilled Cheese Worth 14 Years of Gratitude!

Optimal Oatmeal

This is the breakfast that works for me in chilly weather! I have a fast metabolism, and prolonged hunger makes me dizzy, so it's important for me to eat enough breakfast that I feel full until lunchtime. This breakfast also is high in iron, which was especially important when I was anemic while pregnant and nursing. Oatmeal is supposed to help increase milk supply for nursing mothers. It also has lots of fiber for good digestive health. This recipe is vegan yet rich and creamy. It's convenient because all the ingredients are shelf-stable, so I can make it even when we're running low on fresh stuff. Most of the ingredients are inexpensive in bulk at the food co-op.

High-Protein, Vegan Pasta Salad

After some experimentation, I developed this ***NEW!!!***IMPROVED!!!*** more nutritious Pasta Salad. Note that you can reserve some of the cooked pasta and veggies for the Original Recipe treatment and use the Improved Recipe on the rest, thus pleasing a variety of palates or just giving yourself some variety as you eat leftovers. Both versions of Pasta Salad are extremely versatile as to which vegetables you use, which makes this an ideal recipe for summer when your garden or farm-share crate is overflowing and you've got an array of random vegetables to use.