Joyous to the “Eyebrow”

I was recently given a gift, not because I need the tools enclosed but just so that I could admire the packaging. This is truly a startling example of the kind of thing you sometimes find on Earth that seems to be written in English but . . . isn’t . . . quite.

The blue circle at the bottom informs you that this product is STAINLDSS, and that’s just where the fun begins.

The tiny script in the top corner seems to say this:

Stainless steel heauty products. Research to manufe excellent, make the mark fine. The linse is flowing freely,use aglie.

Then, on the back, there is a whole paragraph of . . . product features, I guess.

Joyous to the “Eyebrow” The attractive famale charms will make the entire mait into pretty facial colours and magic body.possessing the attactive two eyebrows is the mysterious part of the faddish iadles to research the beauty in advance-Fine and Eyebrow Researches-Fine and Ting Handicrafes-Smooth Lines. Slightly and Nicely operating. AiMiNi Eyebrow Cilps, the Considerate Maintenfeits! Registered Trademark Must be Chased if Counterfeits The counterfeit products are rather many in the current marketsinvte the customers to make AiMiNi brand ciear to be the authentic it tems Possessing AiMiNi-Eyebrow Beauty Cant be Talked in Speeches

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