This morning I realized that Today's Young People have created the need for a device which can assess the pajama-like qualities of one's outfit in a quick and objective manner to determine whether or not it qualifies as clothing for the purposes of, say, attending school.  This pajameter could be used at the school entrance … Continue reading Pajameter


I've done it again--suddenly thought of a word that nobody else ever used or, at least, that Google says nobody else has written on the Internet. Scientists will breed the grildebeest especially for barbecuing. This raises the deep moral question of whether it is very sad for the grildebeest or the grildebeest ought to be … Continue reading Grildebeest


Our six-year-old son, following in the tradition of his parents, has begun to make up words by sticking together two other words. Distortellini is, of course, a filled pasta that turned out with a different shape than intended. It's the sort of item that turns up at Market Outlet.

When Robots Comment on Your Blog

Sigh.  First robots were writing news broadcasts and e-mailing them to me.  Then robots started writing blogs and trackbacking to mine.  Now robots are posting comments here.  For example, here's one that just arrived, theoretically responding to my electric kettle article, from a robot named Woumesque: While a overwhelming seroquel 150mg to bottom of theyd … Continue reading When Robots Comment on Your Blog

Things Not To Do: Dessert Edition, Volume II

from storyteller Fran Stallings (Becca's mom), a story horrifyingly similar to the tale of the Fruity Whip While our kitchen is being renovated, we've set up camp in the main bathroom, which we have equipped with electric skillet, small microwave, and toaster oven. Electric kettle and toaster are on the dinette table, which is camping … Continue reading Things Not To Do: Dessert Edition, Volume II


Autumnymity is the situation in which you can't recognize a tree because it has lost its leaves. I suddenly thought of this yesterday. Google tells me nobody else has used this word on the Internet.  Hooray!  A new word!